Antique and Personalized Wedding Gifts for Your Partner

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Pear Cut Colombian Emerald & Diamond Pendant Necklace

Pear Cut Colombian Emerald & Diamond Pendant Necklace

Increasingly brides and grooms are choosing their wedding day, or the first day of their honeymoon, as a day to give their new partner a special gift. These gifts are normally something personal and special like jewellery.

This page is all about how to choose something that will be appropriate and treasured by your new partner for life without breaking the bank.

Jewellery Is The Answer

When it comes to personal gifts, you really cannot beat jewellery. It is worn close to the skin, so this kind of gift has an intimate quality.

In addition, jewellery looks good and it lasts, it can be kept and enjoyed for decades. Many families take special pieces of jewellery and have them transformed into new pieces to be given to children when they marry or have their own children, so wedding jewellery is a great gift that can bring joy for many years and create a special bond between the generations.

However, jewellery can be expensive, so it is out of the reach of some. However, it need not be so costly.

Diamond Legacy Chandelier Earrings

Diamond Legacy Chandelier Earrings

Antique Jewellery

If you buy older jewellery rather than new jewellery, it is much more affordable. Often, antique jewellery looks nicer, is well made, as well as less expensive.

Other great options are antique bracelets, chains, pendants and rings. Most antique jewellery is considerably cheaper than new pieces would be. You can buy from a dealer or from people who are selling their jewellery collection.

For a small fee, most jewelers will happily check and value anything that you are considering buying. They will also clean and repair it for you, so buying used jewellery is a good option.

Personalize The Jewellery That You Buy

To make the gift really special consider spending a little bit more to personalize it. Perhaps your husband’s father or grandfather has an antique watch that your husband likes. Buying the same make and model and giving as a wedding day gift is a nice touch.

IWC Vintage Military Pocket Watch

IWC Vintage Military Pocket Watch

Antique Watches

For example, you can buy a beautiful second hand Rolex watches for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Buying used watches gives you the chance to look for something special and appropriate for your partner. Look at our section on personalizing the wedding jewellery you buy.

Antique branded watches make stunning gifts. They can be worn and used on a daily basis.

Many celebrities wear high-end antique watches. Look at what is on the wrist of your husband’s favorite film, music or sports star has and try to buy the same watch. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more affordable these antique watches are.

You can further personalize a watch by having it engraved. This gives you the chance to be romantic and share the way that you feel about your new partner using the message that you have engraved on the watch. ID bracelets, rings and pendants can also be engraved with a personal message or symbols.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for beautiful wedding gifts go for jewellery. Buy second hand to get something special, different and affordable.



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