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Backyard Weddings: Jessica & David | Private Residence, CA

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From the Photographer:

We absolutely adore David + Jessica. Ever since our first 3-hour date at a local coffeehouse in Palm Springs a few months ago, these two were our absolute jam – funny, absolutely in love, and super down to earth. We’ve been waiting not so patiently for their wedding, because not only did we know they’d have some pretty rad people there (since they both play in bands, they had to hang out with cool people) but they have spent the last few months carefully handcrafting a ton of DIY details. We got a sneak peak of the bouquets at their engagement session a couple of months ago, and so we knew we were in for a treat when it came time for their big day!

They told us all about how the wedding was going to be practice and preparation to launch their business – Kittysaur Creative, which is going to feature a comic-book-decor-but-for-adults goodies that we’re super excited about!!!Little did we know just how amazing all of their DIY comic book backyard wedding details would be!!!

They got married at Dave’s mom’s beautiful home in Beaumont, right in the backyard under the arch that Dave’s dad made by hand. Not only did they make dozens of comic book flowers for the boutonnieres, bouquets + tables, but they also made an entire DIY photo booth – complete with a backdrop of comics! On top of all that awesomeness, they even brought in some vintage arcade games for their guests to play with during the reception for an epic video game battle (it literally was on like Donkey Kong)! All of Dave + Jess’s friends are big gamers just like they are, so that was a huge hit! Their wedding cake by Joey, the Baker was super cute, too! Dave + Jess handmade cartoon versions of themselves with Totoro – a character from one of their favorite movies, My Neighbor Totoro, for their cake topper; we can honestly say we never thought we’d see anime-anything at a wedding, but it absolutely fit in with their fun wedding!! They also handcrafted what might be the most detailed wedding invitation we’ve ever seen; actually, we can’t even call it an invitation, because it was more like a book! Throughout the several pages of their wedding book, there were several references to their favorite movies – Back to the Future and Star Wars, among others. It also told a brief synopsis of their love story, and had all kinds of pop ups and scrolls hidden inside it – it was absolutely amazing what they were able to create!

And of course, our favorite caterers (ahem, In-N-Out) brought their big burger makin’ truck and parked it right in front of the house and Jessica’s best friend gifted them with a whole truckload of tasty tater tot’s from local Beaumont favorite, The Stoppe!

Photo by Randy + Ashley,
Photo by Randy + Ashley,



Photographer: Randy + Ashley

Ring Designer:Blue Nile//Hair Stylist:Bri Norland //Equipment Rentals:Classic Party Rentals//Caterer: In n Out//Bakery:Joey, the Baker//Makeup Artist:Kathryn Hoist//DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Kittysaur Creative//Heirlooms and extras: Museum of Pinball//Event Planner: Nikki Resley Events//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Perry Ellis//Dress Store: The Dresser Bridal//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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