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diy Projects: Family Tree Board

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Family Tree Board

This is our takeoff of a family tree. We thought it would be nice to honor our grandparents and parents. It was a little work to get everyone’s wedding pictures but I am glad that I did it. Now it sits as decoration in the corner of our living room. This project can be very diverse using different materials for the base and frames to fit any budget. Instead of wood and picture frames, you can use poster board and mats. You could also cut through a piece of poster board and secure the pictures behind creating your own custom frame. If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine, you can purchase letters in the scrapbook aisle of Michaels or AC Moore.

Materials Needed:

  • Unfinished ½ inch ply wood (4’x2’) from The Home Depot – $25.00
  • Molding ½ inch from The Home Depot – $4.00
  • Tack nails from The Home Depot – $3.00
  • Stain Minwax (Early American 230) from The Home Depot – $4.50
  • MOD PODGE (Matte finish 16 oz) from Michaels – $10.00
  • Frames from Kohls – $100.00
  • Picture Prints (7 – 5×7) from Costco – $2.80

Total for this project – $149.30 (this can easily be reduced with the materials you choose to use)

Additional Materials:

  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Printer


  • I first stained the wood back and front along with the molding.
  • he molding was then cut to fit the edges and tacked on.
  • The frames were then layed out on the piece; once they were in place, tack nails were used so they could hang freely. This made transportation easier because they could be wrapped up.
  • Prints were then made of pictures of our grandparents and parents on their wedding days. Since we didn’t have a wedding picture yet, we used one of our engagement photos.
  • Using Word, I then created a document for the center frame with each couples wedding information.
  • I used the lyrics to our first dance (“Then” by Brad Paisley) since it was the inspiration for this piece. Using the Cricut, I cut out the letters and used MOD PODGE to secure them.

Project by: Married April 11, 2011, DIY Bride Mary Meyer. Thank you Mary for sharing your diy wedding projects with us!

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