{diy Projects} Simple Tulip Flower Baskets Centerpiece


Here is a good example of how to maximize your budget.  A simple basket of tulips surrounded by colorfully coordinated candies.   Using all white candy dishes to display these sweets, use them as a delicious favor.

{Watch the Video} Martha Stewart’s Tulip Egg Basket Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • Easter basket
  • Assorted tulips
  • 2 plastic liners, one large, one small
  • Wheatgrass


1. Place a plastic liner inside a basket.

2. Press clumps of wheatgrass, with a bit of soil still attached, around the edges of the larger liner.

3. Place a second, slightly smaller liner inside the first liner to hold the wheatgrass in.

4. Pour water and cut-flower food into plastic liner.

5. Cut tulips about 2-inches from the head of the flower, and prick the stem with a pin or knife to prevent growth.

6. Arrange tulips in basket.


Project & Photography:  Martha Stewart

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