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diy Projects: Washington DC Metro Theme Wedding – Table Signs

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Project 2

I relied on my Cricut cutting machine for this project! My Mom helped me with this and it took a few hours on Saturday and Sunday but overall, it was a fairly easy project. This one is great if you have convinced yourself you are not creative. The Cricut does all the hard work for you! It was a great way to add a little something more to our tables. Everyone loved being a part of a specific location or attraction in DC. We tried to match people up with places when we could. My family, from NJ, sat at New Jersey Ave. Rob’s family is from Maryland. Our bathroom is decorated with a DC theme (our shower curtain is the metro map) so we are going to line the ceiling with these as a border!

This project can easily be altered and the table signs could turn into song titles, movie names, locations around the country and so much more. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can use letters found in the scrapbook section of Michaels or AC Moore to use.

Purchased Materials:

  • Unfinished signs (19 – 6x14x5) from Ben – $75.00
  • Black acrylic paint (3 – Metallic Sequin Black) from Michaels – $3.00
  • MOD PODGE (Matte finish 16 oz) from Michaels – $10.00
  • Pink scrapbook paper (12×12) from Michaels (15 sheets @ .25/each) – $ 3.75
  • Cherry blossom scrapbook stickers (7 packs) from Michaels – $ 42.00
  • Frame holders (to hold the signs at the tables) from Michaels – $67.50

Total for project – $ 201.25 (this can easily be reduced with the materials you choose to use)


Additional Materials

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cricut cutting machine


  • The plaques were purchased unfinished so I painted the front and back of each black with two coats of paint.
  • Using different font cartridges with the Cricut cutting machine, I cut out the letters and numbers for 15 locations around DC to represent each of our tables.
  • I then laid the plaques out and placed the letters in different positions. Once I was happy with the placements I used MOD PODGE to secure them.
  • Once dry, I used cherry blossom scrapbook embellishments for the final touch.
  • After they were finished we stored them in a box, each wrapped in wax paper so that they would not stick to one another.

Project by: Married April 11, 2011, DIY Bride Mary Meyer. Thank you Mary for sharing your diy wedding projects with us!

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Mary Meyer

I've always enjoyed crafting but it wasn't until I started planning my own wedding that I realized it was really my passion. I believe that everyone has a creative side, and with a little inspiration and a step-by-step tutorial, anyone can be crafty. I hope you enjoy my inspiration boards as much as I love putting them together.

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