DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Beachy Mason Jar Candle Holder

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Materials Needed:


  1. Make the 2 starfish and 3 sand-dollars by heating a Mod Melt stick in a mini high temp glue gun. Squeeze the hot melt into the mold and fill to the top. It will self level. Wait 7 min. and when cool pop out. Trim around the melt if you have any rough edges.
  2. Paint the starfish with Mandarin Satin. Use two coats if necessary. Once dry lightly paint the very top with a few taps of Royal Gold. This will add depth to the starfish.
  3. Paint the sand-dollars with Pearl White paint. Use two coats if necessary.
  4. Make random shaped faux beach glass by squeezing hot Mod Melts onto the craft mat in oval and beach glass shapes. Allow to cool. Paint each one a solid color using Aquamarine, Blue Topaz and ice Blue.
  5. Paint the glass jar with two coats of Mod Podge Sheer Color. Allow to dry.
  6. Paint the base of the jar with Mod Podge Gloss. Tap the bottom (Mod Podge area) into sand, tap off excess and allow to dry.
  7. Hot glue faux beach glass, a starfish and a sand-dollar to the base of the jar.
  8. Tie raffia through two of the sand-dollars and tie around the neck of the jar. Add more raffia around the neck of the jar. Hot glue the faux beach glass and starfish to the neck of the jar.



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