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diy Wedding Crafts: Ceiling Draping Kits

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ceiling-draping-kit-6panelBack in 2007, before diy weddings were cool, I draped my own venue {last photo}. At our venue we were not allowed to hang anything on the walls or from the ceiling that would cause any damage. It was tricky but we figured out how to use the grid ceiling to our advantage. For years, brides have emailed me to get my step-by-step instructions and the methods we used to hang our own ceiling draping. FINALLY! Event Decor Direct has developed these awesome ceiling draping kits. If you cannot afford a professional service to do this for you, this is a great alternative and look how pretty it is.ceiling-kit-5

Basically they used the same method as I did shown here in the photo below. I got my draping on ebay. A 150′ roll of organza for around $90. See more photos here and how we hung the backdrop behind our table.

DIY Wedding Ceiling Draping - inspiration at

If you drape your own venue, we would love to see your photos!

Photography: {Top 2}; {bottom}


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