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diy Wedding Crafts: PVC Ceremony Backdrop Frame

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Here is how to make an easy ceremony backdrop frame out of PVC piping. This project is relatively easy to do. You can get all these materials at your local big box hardware store. Just head over to the plumbing section.

Materials Needed:

  • 4- 10 ft. PVC Pipes
  • 2 Slip Socket Tee
  • 2 Male Adapters
  • 2 Slip Socket Elbows
  • 2 Slip Socket Snap On


1. Measure out your PVC pipes. We wanted out backdrop to be 8-feet by 8-feet. We measured and marked each of the four pieces and Mike cut them down to 8-feet long, leaving four 2-foot long pieces. These are your frame legs!

2. Now you should have eight PVC pipes. The long ones will make the frame while the 4 short scrap pieces will act perfectly as the legs.

3. Connect the four leg pieces together using the Slip Socket Tees shown in the first image. Now you will have the two stands for the frame.

4. Take two of the long 8-foot pieces and attach the Slip Socket Elbows to the ends. Now lay out your pieces like they will be in the end. One long 8-foot piece will not be in use yet, neither will the Snap-on Slip Socket Tees. Begin to connect the pieces together using the attached joints.

5. Because the frame will be unstable you will need to do this final step. Take your Male Adapter pieces and Snap-On Slip Socket Tees and connect them. These will be added as a support bar so your frame isn’t so wobbly.

6. And here is the finished product. Just add fabric, crate paper or paper rings and your done!

Source: Crafted Love

About the Bride: Allison is a Graphic Designer. Cyclist. Amateur Urban Farmer. Dog Foster Mom. Lover of all things creative & handmade…and the owner of Crafted Love.



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