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diy Wedding Crafts: PVC Photo Booth Backdrop

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PVC Backdrop MaterialsMaterials Needed:


  • (4) five foot lengths of 1.25 inch PVC
  • (4) five foot lengths of 1 inch PVC
  • (8 )End Caps (1.25)
  • (2) 4 way connectors (1.25)
  • (2) 3 way connectors (1.25)
  • (2) elbow joints (1)
  • (2) 1 inch connectors (1 is a backup in case I lose the other)

Other Materials

  • Gorilla glue
  • 4 clamps
  • Painters tape
  • 2 hitch pins


Sanding off the unslightly pipe markings, and stick stuff left behind by the pricing stickers. Probably not necessary, but I wanted a cleaner finish. You MUST sand the pipes where they will be glued to other parts. You need to rough up the plastic so that the glue has something to grab.

Cutting the legs (8 total – 4 for each stand). The blue tape give me nice guideline to follow, and prevents chipping.

Parts all sanded, vacuumed clean – and then wiped down with a damp rag. The PVC dust is very fine, and clings to everything.

Gorilla glue expands like CRAZY, so you need to be sparing with it. I only applied glue to the female parts of things, so the glue would be effectively pushed into the cavities.

Caps for the legs glued, and the 2 elbow joints (crossbar) glued and setting up.

4 way joints and 3 way joints glued with legs and caps. A small section of 1 inch PVC will be glued between these.

When you glue the 3 and 4 way joints together you want to make sure that the stand hole is perfectly vertical. I pushed the 2 side legs in (not glued), and then the side stand (not glued) and used a level to make sure everything was 90 degrees.

After carefully removing the stands, I’m letting the glue set up. The cross legs can be removed (they are just pushed in) for easy transport.

Drilling holes for the hitch pins – about 6 inched from the top of each stand. These are 1/4 inch hitch pins, so the holes are 5/16th.

Painter’s tape makes a good guide for drilling the holes for the TOP part of the stands. Peels right off after drilling.

Assembled parts ready to go. I decided to shoot this out on the deck where the light was better, and I had more room to fuss with things. Thankfully there was no wind. Again, the legs and stands fit very snuggly into their female parts, and no glue is needed.

Legs in, stands in place, The upper half of the stands (1 inch) fit nicely into the 1.25 inch pipes. Simple as pie.

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