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diy Wedding Ideas: How Drape A Ceiling & Hanging Backdrop

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Do you have a reception space that needs a bit of sprucing up but you have a limited budget? Are the walls bare? Is the carpet not the color you were hoping for? Is the chair seating blue and your theme is aqua? How do you warm up and mask a room that is perfect in some ways but needs that extra punch?  Add some fabric, sheers and sashes to make the room warmer.

The good news, you can achieve a professional looking room without it costing you bundle.  I had a budget of $6,000 for my wedding and I saved $850 doing these two projects myself.

Wedding Backdrop:

Materials Needed:

  • Sheer Curtains $60.00 – 6 two panel packets 72″ (Target)
  • Curtain Rods $18.00 – 3 extension rods (Target)
  • Fishing Leaders $20.00 – Various Sizes $2.29-$3.99

You can pick up sheer curtains at Target or Walmart for about $9.99 for 2 panels and rods for $5.99. Get the curtains as long as you can.
In the photo I used eight curtains. Three sets are sewn together.

Place two curtains together and sew the top seams together. Make sure you don’t sew the existing sleeve where the rod is supposed to go through. Once your done you will use the front panel to feed onto your curtain rod. I put a double on first then a single panel, then another double panel, then another single and finished it with a double panel.

On your double panels (the two that are sewn together) gather the front panel and tie a bow or sash on the front panel this creates the illusion of a double rod look.

Hang your curtain rods with the fishing leaders from the ceiling.  You have to have a drop down ceiling, piping so some type of ceiling grid to do this.

Wrap the leaders around the grid and hang the rods. We used one leader on each end and in the middle, so they hung straight.

Note:  If you have a table, like I did in front of the curtains, then they don’t need to touch the floor. No one is going to see it hanging a foot off the ground, and if they do so what!
Use fishing leaders to hang things evenly from the ceiling. I used them for our lanterns and the curtain rods. Measure from the ceiling down and then by using different size leaders together you can achieve the appropriate hanging length.

Ceiling Draping

Materials Needed:

  • Ceiling Drapery $89.99 – 150 ft. of Iridescent Organza (ebay)
  • Curtain Clips $14.99 – Bag of 14 (JC Penney)
  • Plastic Tie Wraps

If your thinking of doing ceiling draping – you can do it yourself. It’s not as hard as it looks as long as you keep it simple.

I used 150 feet of Iridescent Organza Wedding Craft Fabric that I got on ebay. I cut 2 – 75′ panels and draped them from one end of my room, crisscrossing in the middle to the other side of the room for $89.99. I bought the fabric on eBay at JDR Supply. The fabric was just gorgeous.

Secure each end of the fabric with your curtain clips and then use tie wraps to wrap the “0 ring” of the curtain clip and the ceiling grid together. Remember to leave some room to cut these off at the end of the night. So don’t pull them all the way tight.

I finished off the room by hanging some lanterns that had battery operating lights. We turned the ceiling lights off, turned the lanterns on and lit all the candles on the tables. It turned out gorgeous.

Be creative and have fun with it! Check out our article on ceiling draping kits and get started draping your event today!



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  • Hi Katia – I sewed the panels together. You are gong to make a new sleeve. Line each panel up at the top so they are evenly matched. Just like the existing panels-follow their sewing pattern across the top, sewing them together to create a new sleeve between the two. Then slid the rod between the two. Hope that makes sense.

  • Hi Yamilka – I used a white, light weight curtain rod that I got at target. We hung it from the ceiling using several fishing leaders. Just add sheer curtains and you have an instant backdrop.

    Tip:Fishing leaders come in various lengths this is so you don’t have to measure out fishing line and tie it so that it hangs evenly. Combining leaders will do the job for you so it will hang evenly.

  • Hi, I’m kind of my cousin wedding planner and she wants do to ceiling draping. The problem is that the venue is high ceiling and dont have anything in the middle to hang the fabric. No metal either so I cant use magnetic hooks. Any ideas on how I can hang the fabric? Is the command hooks strong enough for the job? (I bought the 8 panels 21′ from Event Decor)

  • Hi Martha,

    Oh this is going to be tough. The only thing I can think of is doing a maypole in the middle of the room. Then you could use it to attache the fabric. But it’s going to need to be tall so people can get under it and so it doesn’t create a block when you look across the room. Good luck!

  • Hi Kim – here is what you do: You take both sheer curtains – line them up at the top. Both already have a sleeve for the rod – right? You want to combine those two together and create a new sleeve for the rod to fit in between the two sheers you are combining together. So literally you are making a new sleeve. Hope that helps.

  • I have a question. You hung your backdrop from the drop ceiling? Where did you attach it? I’m worried the weight it going to damage the frame if I try to hang my curtains. So much conflicting information online. I just want to cover the ugly walls at my wedding venue.


  • Hi Jody – I attached the curtain rod to the ceiling frame with the fishing leaders. The key here is to use light weight fabric like sheers. I don’t recommend use regular curtains or rods. Another ideas is to make a free standing PVC pipe backdrop. Here are two other posts I did on how to make one of these which might be a better idea for what you are trying to create. Good luck!

    PVC Backdrop Tutorial:
    A large scale version of a PVC backdrop:

  • Hi…i have a question U said the curtain rods are from target…can we get the base plates with the rods..have never seen them ther..thq

  • Hi Sush – we didn’t use base plates with our system and you are correct, they are not available at Target. You would have to do a search on the internet to find who you could buy these from.

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