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DIY Wedding Invitations – For A Really Personal Invite!


Posted by Kym

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Weddings these days are pretty expensive and one way some couples choose to save money is by using DIY wedding invitations.  While years ago this was seen as well, just cheap; these days with the rise in popularity of scrapbooking, DIY wedding invitations add a stamp of personal style to a wedding.  If you are having a big wedding with hundreds of guests you can get some close friends to help with your wedding invitations.  If you know what you want you can get your friends to do the more simple tasks like the cutting of card to size, or the envelope stuffing, and make an evening of it. Treat your friends to a nice supper as a thank you and relax afterwards with a glass of wine and a good chat.  If you have some artistic friends that are into scrapbooking why not get some advice from them?

You can use the colors you have picked for the bridesmaids to be repeated in the colors of the cards which add that whole theme effect to your wedding.  It doesn’t matter if you cannot get the exact shades of your chosen color, why not use a few similar shades to make the same effect.  Of course this doesn’t have to stop with invites, you can do the same coloring theme with bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts as well.  One of the great things about DIY wedding invitations is that they can reflect the personality of the bride and groom.  If they are into snow sports, how about a pair of ski’s crossed over a pair of wedding bells on the front of the card?  If they are into horseback riding, why not have a horse overlooking a silhouette of a couple.  Really the options are endless.

Of course, when you are making Do It Youself wedding invitations you can use any media to make them. Why not have a play with photo shop graphics program, or get a talented friend to do so, and make invitations that you can email out to people?  Or make the invitations on the computer and simply print them out and post them for a more traditional invite? You could even go more simple; just video yourselves asking people to come to your wedding.  Send it out by email and you have got a nearly no cost wedding invite for everyone.

Of course the down side is they don’t have that physical invitation to treasure; but if you want to save money it has to be a consideration. You could just design a few paper or card wedding invitations for relatives that do not have a computer, often elderly relatives have not yet embraced the internet. Whichever way you choose to create your wedding invitations, you are sure to put your own personality onto them, and this will go a long way to say how you feel about yourself, your husband or bride to be, and your wedding day as a whole.  Don’t let the guys have all the fun with their man cave signs and gifts, express yourself fully!  There is certainly no stigma to making your own wedding invitations any more; and what a great way to express yourself and make sure that your wedding day is well and truly yours!



  • I love this site! So much inspiration and diy projects! The average U.S. wedding today is $25,000. However, with a lot of cuts to unnecessary items like favors, tons of fresh flowers, & engraved invitations, you could cut that price tag down a lot. My wedding only cost me $4,000, but I was on an extremely strict budget. I made my own scrapbook, I had a friend photograph my wedding for free, I made a simple centerpiece out of floating candle, flowers, and a glass bowl, I made all of my bridesmaids bouquets as well as mine. Basically, I spent a lot of time at places like Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, & Michaels. This is a great site to get great ideas and to stick to your budget. Bravo DIY Weddings Magazine!

    • Kym

      Thank you so much!

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