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Estate Weddings: Lindsay & Conor | Philander Chase Knox Estate, PA

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{Featured in Vol. 28}


Photographer: Rachel Pearlman Photography

Photo Booth Equipment:EBE//Dress Designer: Judith Haling//Hair Stylist: Jules Englund//Calligrapher: Lewes Lettering Co.//Event Venue: Philander Chase Knox Estate//Caterer: Robert Ryan Catering//Makeup Artist: Sarah Paira//Cinema and Video: Snapped Studios//Bridesmaid Dresses:Weddington Way//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

From the beginning of wedding planning, our families were on board for making our day personal and intimate. My mom, the rockstar that she is, had a heavy hand in pulling the entire weekend off because I had just started a new job in Chicago so she was executing all my plans while I was pinteresting miles away!

I knew that if people were going to be kind enough to travel to Chester County, Pennsylvania for our wedding, I wanted our guests to get a sense of what it’s like to grow up in this beautiful area. Finding our venue in Valley Forge National Park was a dream. The Philander Chase Knox estate is equal parts rustic and classic. The grounds are gorgeous and highlight so much of what I love about Chester County.

As nearly every bride does, I was having trouble deciding on my dress. I liked pieces of all the ones I had tried on but couldn’t seem to find the perfect one. Fortunately, my aunt Judy is a master seamstress and when I brought her the idea of making my dress she was gracious enough to accept—even though she lives in Australia! After much back and forth including skype fittings, two packages sent across continents, and one final fitting when she arrived in the states, my perfect dress was created. It was everything I could’ve ever asked for in a wedding dress—soft, romantic, whimsical, and detailed. For my something blue she sewed a small piece of my cloth babydoll into the back of my dress. No detail was left undone with her!

Our ceremony was held at my childhood church where my brother and sister-in-law had gotten married a few years before. It’s a quaint, albeit unique church as it has two aisles. Our family friend played beautiful acoustic guitar as guests arrived. I was so excited my knees were shaking and my dad had to hold me up before we walked down the aisle! My favorite part of our ceremony was reading our vows to one another. Although we did say the traditional vows, we also wrote our own. Listening to Conor’s promises and making my own was one of the most special moments of my life. There is nothing like making a covenant with God to love and honor one another. To do so in front of your most favorite people in the world makes it all the more significant.

The tablescapes were also uniquely personal for our wedding. My mom’s closest friends happened to be florists (lucky me!) and they worked magic on our tables. My vision of fall romance came alive as they added dimension with flowers and candles. My grandfather had previously scoured antique stores to find the cut crystal votive holders that lined our tables. Rosie and Carolyn added fall touches like pomegranates and pears along with greenery to keep with the beautiful surroundings of Valley Forge.

At our reception, guests pulled delicate place cards from a frame my dad build from old barnwood. This table was also decorated with framed photos from previous family weddings. Conor and I were floored when, during our cocktail hour, a bagpiper began to play up the path from our venue. Immediately I began to tear up. My great Uncle Charlie had played bagpipes at my parent’s wedding and even though he passed away a few years ago, my grandfather wanted to surprise with this sweet tradition. Little did he know I had my own surprise for him. After my father daughter dance the band leader invited him onto the dance floor so that we could have our own “grandfather granddaughter” dance. We recognize how fortunate we are to have had our grandparents at our wedding and I’ll forever treasure the photos of that dance.

Once the party got started our dance floor never stopped! Conor and I didn’t even make it to our own photo booth until the end of the night because we were on the dance floor the whole time! Not only was our band incredible but they also let my sister-in-law and myself take the stage to sing! It was the best party I’ve ever been to!

As guests left for the evening, they were invited to take a small jar of honey harvested from my parent’s bees in their garden.

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Conor and I both share this very vivid memory of right before we were announced onto the dance floor. There’s a beautiful stone staircase leading into the tent at our venue. It had just started to drizzle, casting a really beautiful light around the tent, and from where we were we could see the beautiful tables, the romantic candles, and all of our family and friends surrounding the dance floor. We both remember looking at each other just smiling and drinking it in. It was as if all the stress, excitement, and lack of sleep from planning melted away. Holding hands and being surrounded by every one we loved was a dream. Finally we got to soak in the bliss of being husband and wife!

Did you have a theme? What were your wedding colors?

We choose marsala and blush with gold accents as our colors. It was important to us to make the wedding feel like fall without going the traditional route of orange, yellow, etc. I wanted the gold accents to be subtle so the calligraphy prints were framed in gold and we had gold vases for the flowers along the table.

What was your favorite detail?

My favorite detail at the ceremony was presenting flowers to each other’s parents. I had asked our florists to put two roses behind the altar. Before the ceremony officially kicked off, Conor and I each gave the respective parents a rose as a thank you for raising our partner. Giving that rose to Conor’s parents, to actually have the opportunity to acknowledge that they did an incredible job of raising my husband to be was such a joyful moment.

What advice or what have you learned that can you pass along to other brides.

Try to keep perspective while planning your wedding. If you let it, it can be the only thing you talk about with your partner. That can be exhausting for a relationship. We tried to have a date night every two weeks where wedding talk was not allowed—it’s important to keep dating throughout the process.  Also, lean into your partner and your support system. I am a control freak; I didn’t want to hand over any details to Conor in case he didn’t see my vision. But between my mom, Conor, his mom, and the rest of our families all of the details came together and were more than I could ever hope for.

Remember to say and write thank you notes. Not just for your guests but also for your vendors! They bend over backwards to make your day everything you could want so remember to thank them!

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