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Exotic Desert Theme Wedding Decoration

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Theme weddings are a major attraction nowadays. They have their separate charm and romance which attract us to celebrate one of the most important days in our life, with a special setup or layout of our own choice. There are various choices in this area from where we configure out the style we really want. Today we are concentrating on desert weddings here. Let’s stretch our imagination. Time to break down some barriers.

Desert weeding is one of the various choices or themes that are being offered. Why would you choose it? Because it stands out as a result of being quirky, fresh and unique. There is something philosophical and alluring about these barren lands which can enchant our minds, and also the lure to set an example is too good to turn down. Who doesn’t like to set the trend?

The most appropriate time to host a desert themed wedding is spring or fall, when it isn’t too hot. Otherwise it allows holding weddings any season, all depends on your choice.


Desert Wedding Tablescapes

Most desert weddings are a bit quirky, in simpler words socially unconventional. That means bold styles and innovative colour themes, not what you get in everyday life. Add to it a bohemian flavour which acts as the pinch of salt required to get that perfect taste. And voila. As the background will probably be bland, bold colours are an utmost requirement to take it up a notch.

Different versions of cacti and flowers, dishes that catch the eye, go a long way to make this happen. The wedding table landscape and settings should be flavourful and eye catching. So look after the tiny details, try something new, like multicoloured plates and spoons, glasses etc. You get the point. Send flowers online to your wedding location to decorate table.


Desert Wedding Arches

The wedding arch is another important part which needs to be looked after carefully. Try not using conservative arches, go for something unique. You can decorate them in tribal style or use succulents. Hang colourful candles and confetti from the arches. Different shaped lantern, hint-cactus shaped, Sand dune shaped etc can be very pleasing to the eye. I would suggest tepee styled arches too, if tribal is too bold for you. Just make sure the colour combinations are right and go with the background. Sometimes even bright colours look boring if not used properly.


Wedding Cake Decorated With Succulents

Succulents have recently become one of the most popular wedding based flowers, and for that reason, we see more use of it in a wedding, especially in case of desert themed weddings. They are incredibly versatile in nature and shall portray a rustic raw style of your wedding. It is a new addition to modern cake designs, and is spreading like wildfire at the moment throughout the world. You can make the cake rather clean and simple, with similar coloured succulents or you can go with different shades, maybe use only one succulent flower on a bold fondant print? You may also try naked cakes, minus the fondant. Just add some succulents along the tier. Thus the naked natural beauty of the cake added with the succulents, a deadly combo I must opine! You can add different coloured succulents in each layer to make it more enthralling.



A centerpiece can go a long way in bringing a wedding reception table to life. You must look for a customized centerpiece to match your wedding decor. You can go for similar succulent printed or also opt for different floral printed table toppers. A centerpiece enjoys the center of attraction. So it must be elegant and unique in its own certain way to catch the eye.


Cactus Wedding Favors

Cactus wedding favors are gaining popularity because of its natural beauty and uniqueness. Be amazed with delighted and gorgeous thank you gift for guest. They are a hot trend in case of desert wedding ceremony. The trendy gifts as wedding favors are available in different sized pot. They are cool, they remain alive and fresh more than normal flowers, which is another plus point. succulent-wedding-bouquet

Succulent Wedding Bouquet

As I have reminded you several times over this article, succulent flowers play a big role in desert styled wedding. Alongside cacti they cover up most of the wedding decor. As they are most likely to remain fresh and alive than normal flowers they are hugely popular. So you can go for bouquets of succulent flowers instead of the more traditional ones.


Succulent Boutonniere For Groom

Even wedding boutonniere can be of succulent flowers. Make sure they are not too large, otherwise might look awkward. A medium size with bright colours will work wonders. You can mix it with a little tribal look to add some twist to it.


Succulent Flower Crown

Succulents flower crown add the perfect finishing touch to the personalized or conventional bouquet which is perfect for the rustic outperformed affairs. Whenever it is used, it creates an aura in the backdrop and brings beauty to the bouquet. Colourful Succulent Bouquet, Boho Chic Succulent Bouquet, South western Desert Succulent Bouquet, Burlap-Wrapped Succulent Bouquet, etc are among the few which are outperformed with respect to the charming look. So, go for it and win the heart with this innovative pick.

Your wedding is the day you have been waiting for all your life. So it is time you make a statement through it. Show your creative side, consult with experts, you will need them. It is very important you contact the right people. Because themed weddings tend to be a tad expensive. But they are worth it. You can also check out vintage themed ideas for wedding, or sent flowers online to a place of your choice. Time to make plans. Cheers.


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