Fun Tidbits About White Winter Weddings



Centuries after Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress in her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, white has become one of the most iconic colors for weddings anywhere in the world. These days, the white wedding gown is among the most memorable symbols of a wedding, with brides spending upwards of $1,350 on the dress alone, but those in more temperate climes can have white weddings in a completely different sense as well.

While June and August remain the most popular months for weddings, with 10.8% and 10.2% of weddings being celebrated on these months respectively, there are also many couples who choose to wed in the months between November and April. In fact, according to this celebrity wedding anniversary generator, actress Elizabeth Taylor married politician John Warner on December 4, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow chose a December date for her wedding to musician Chris Martin as well. Back in 2012, the Telegraph even reported that there had been a surge of winter weddings as couples attempted to save money, with 11% of all weddings in the winter being Christmas weddings as well.

As was discussed by DIY Weddings Magazine several months ago, there are many benefits to an off-season wedding, which include cheaper rates and better date flexibility with vendors. Planning a wedding for the months between November and April means that you won’t have to compete with all the other couples going for spring and summer weddings, and it also means that you get to experiment with a variety of different themes. From vintage fall weddings to winter wonderland weddings, off-season white weddings can really help your creativity shine. So even though it might seem like a good idea to hold a Christmas wedding, there are various inexpensive ways to make your winter wedding beautiful too.

While snowflakes and pinecones are easy choices for wedding décor, you can also veer away from these winter staples and go for more classic, elegant choices. Trim your décor with silver ribbon and accents, or better yet, go for pastel colors that will be complimented by the white of the season. Try not to go for the “classic” red-and-green color combination, as this can actually appear tacky and overdone, and it could end up making your wedding more holiday-centric than you intended. Wedding favors can also be in line with the winter months: cute packages of gingerbread cookies, snowflake-shaped chocolates, individual pies, roasted chestnuts, or even chocolate-covered cranberries are also sure to wow.

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