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5 Ways To Bond As A Couple During The Invitation Design Process

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Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S.

Some engaged couples cohabitate before walking down the aisle. Others see a premarital counselor, spiritual advisor, or wedding planner to help them bond over tough planning decisions.

But the best way to really bond with your hubby before the wedding is to collaborate in the design process. You already share common interests, but do you know how to share, recognize and resolve your stylistic differences?

Wedding invitations are always the first announcement of your relationship and communication style, so it’s important that you and your mate agree on one font style, as well as a matching color scheme, designs and paper stock for your invitations, place cards and thank you letters.

“We disagreed on many things, from styles and colors to the budget, but working through our differences made us stronger as a couple and helped prepare us for a lifelong partnership,” says Lauren Rzepka, with whom Inside the Envelope recently worked with to create her unique wedding invitations. “It was important for us to collaborate on all aspects of the design process because we wanted the wedding to be a reflection of us—as individuals and as a couple.”

Considering the average American engagement lasts 16 months and over 250 hours to plan from start to finish, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to avoid unnecessary blowouts while planning your wedding:

1.  Discuss what makes you and your hubby unique. After the engagement hype dies down, spend a night in and make a list of your favorite colors, designs, wedding dress designers, venues and friends. It’s all about balance, so make a venn diagram to see what you do and don’t agree on as a couple. Remember: each of you will have to “give a little” at some point! If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, has some great resources to help you get inspired and stay organized.

2.  Communicate the right message to your guests. The goal is to explain what they should wear, where they should go and what time they need to arrive without confusing them. Consult with other married couples and view different invitation samples to determine how you want to phrase your copy.

3.  Research until you’re blue in the face. The hardest part of event planning is determining what impression you want to make on your guests. This can often be time-consuming, but if you and your mate split up responsibilities and pool your ideas together you’ll avoid unnecessary confusion. Inside the Envelope and showcases a variety of design examples, paper options and resources to work with your budget.

4.  Wallpaper a room together. Eventually, you will have to begin the dreaded design process and determine a theme for your wedding. Knowing you can physically design something that caters to both of your tastes and lean on your partner for support will reduce stress levels before and during the setup of your hall and reception venues. If you already live together, this is a fun way to learn each other’s aesthetic preferences while crossing off that DIY project you’ve been postponing.

5.  Set a budget, and stick to it. We’d all love a million dollar wedding, but for most couples today that’s just not possible. Check out the Perfect Wedding Guide’s 7 Steps for Setting (and Following!) a Wedding Budget or our recent guest post on for some creative ways to save on your wedding invitations (and more).

Many people think that invitations are simply just a piece of paper that guests are going to toss away. While that may be true in the end, the invitation is what sets the tone for your big day. It’s the first insight your guests get about the style and tone of your wedding, therefore making it more than just a “piece of paper”. Inside the Envelope is committed to creating invitations that set you apart from the rest, and ensure that they truly reflect your relationship.  Contact us today to start the design process for your wedding!

{GB – Guest Blogger} Author: Owner and Senior Designer, Nicole Midlowski of Inside the Envelope

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