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{GB} How To Add Extra Romance To Your Wedding With Candles

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How To Add Extra Romance To Your Wedding With Candles - get inspired at diyweddingsmag.com

Every woman has dreamed about her wedding day since she was a young girl, but when the time rolls around to actually plan it, things aren’t always as fairytale as they seem. Planning a wedding requires a lot of work and can become quite stressful, but brides who are able to delegate some of the work to planners, family members or friends often find things much easier to deal with. Ask some of your loved ones to help out so your big day doesn’t have to be so stressful to plan, and then take some time to think about the special little touches you can add to really make the day extraordinary. One way you can make the whole even feel calmer and more romantic is by adding candles to both your ceremony and your reception. Since everyone is gathering together to celebrate the love that you share with your partner, you should set the mood by adding romantic candles to the occasion. Here are some tips to help you add candles to your master plan:

Choose candles that correspond well with your overall theme. If your wedding is outside and near water, you might add some romantic floating candles that can sit on top of the water. If your wedding is in a church, you can still make the mood more relaxed by using large candles to light the area near the alter where you will take your vows. Just be sure that no matter where you place extra candles, you don’t create any fire hazards.

Near the end of your wedding service, pass out a candle to everyone in attendance. Everyone can sing a beautiful song together while lifting up their lit candles at the same time. As long as the song is inspirational, the candles will help create an incredible mood like you might find at a rock concert or political vigil.

At your wedding reception, place small tea candles on every table. With the overhead lights dimmed, some small Christmas lights strung up from the ceiling, and small tea candles on top of every table in the room, your reception will be an unforgettable event. Small twinkling lights placed strategically around the room will create a vibrant and romantic feel that will touch everyone’s hearts.

Bring some extra candles along on your honeymoon. Nothing is more romantic or relaxing than a nice hotel room lit up by several small candles. Many people also really enjoy taking baths that are surrounded by candles, and your new spouse will surely appreciate it if you go to all that trouble to help create more romance on your wedding night. Some bubble bath or bath salts will be much appreciated as well.

As a precaution, make sure you have at least one fire extinguisher on hand because there’s nothing less romantic than a scary fire that could ruin your wedding.

{GB - Guest Blogger} About the Author: Victoria Crowdell writes articles on family, home & garden and crafting – her passion is decorative candles.

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