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{GB} Planning Your Own Bridal Shower

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Wedding Planning | Mel Barlow photography

Wedding traditions have numerous rules of etiquette, but sometimes plans just don’t pan out as a bride may wish them to. For instance, tradition dictates that your maid of honor will host the bridal shower. Sometimes, however, this does not work if she lives across the country or has a very demanding job situation. Sometimes it may fall on your shoulders to plan your own bridal shower. While this may go against tradition, it is not inappropriate and it can be fun. Remember, people do not care who hosts the bridal shower, but instead want the opportunity to attend and celebrate with you.

Consider your guest list

The guest list for your shower should be fairly simple. All members of the wedding party need to be invited, as well as other friends or family members you consider to be close. If you are hosting your own shower, do not extend too many invitations. Some people may find it tacky or offensive to be invited to a shower hosted by the recipient of the gifts. Make sure those on your list will be excited about the party no matter what. Create invitations and mail them two months before the wedding, with the shower date about a month prior to the event. You can leave off the information about the shower’s hostess in order to play down your role.

Plan your budget

Bridal showers can get out of hand very quickly. You are already planning and paying for a wedding and probably do not have the extra funds to spend a fortune on your shower. Decide how much you can afford to spend, and then stick with your budget. As you plan your menu, keep your costs in mind at all times. If you dine out, choose a place that offers a group discount or has an affordable per-plate price. You can also make your own snacks instead of dining out or calling for delivery to save even more. If you are making food, choose items you can make a few days ahead and store, like cold sandwiches or pasta salads. Last-minute preparations do not work well if you are hosting your own shower. If you are only inviting your closest friends, you may want to ask everyone to bring a dish to pass instead of planning the meal completely on your own.

Choose entertainment and location

You need entertainment at the party, but this does not have to mean hiring a band or going to a club. Instead, why not rent some romantic movies and have the party at a friend’s house that has a pool table in the basement? You can enjoy a movie marathon and tournament while saving money. Another way to save money is to choose a free or low-cost venue. If someone’s home is large enough to comfortably house everyone on your list, this can save you some money.

Your bridal shower should be a fun, relaxing time for you and your closest friends. If you need to plan it on your own, do what you can to take the stress out of the process by sticking to your budget, making food, keeping the location and entertainment simple, and coming up with a short-and-sweet guest list. You’re out to celebrate your upcoming wedding, not regret it.

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Photography: Mel Barlow

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