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Groom Attire Ideas That’ll Make You Say, “I Wish I’d Though Of That

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If you want the perfect wedding, you’re going to have to make sure that not only is the bride’s dress beautiful but that the groom looks the part too. But what should grooms wear to their own weddings?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the topic isn’t discussed at all, but there’s not nearly enough conversation on the topic. Men have a vague idea that they should wear something smart, but people rarely leave a wedding commenting on what they groom was wearing (unless it was really bad).

Here are some dashing ideas to help the groom look amazing on the big day.

Add Patterns

If you’re getting married this summer, a nice idea is to add some patterning to the groom’s outfit. Patterns work really well on long hot July days, according to, because they complement the leaves and blossom on the trees. Typically, grooms who want a patterned look go for a checkered shirt. Navy blue or gray helps to make the wedding feel more casual and natural, while still looking impeccably smart. Checked shirts work well at weddings when paired with a matching bow tie and chaps.
Dress Light

There’s a tendency among many grooms to wear the heaviest, darkest suits that they can find. But if you’re getting married in the next few months, that might not be such a good idea. The reason for this is that dark fabrics absorb the heat from the sun. You might look smart, but you’ll be roasting underneath and uncomfortable while you’re saying your vows.


This is why many men are choosing to go with lighter suits. We’re not talking white suits here. Just a very light, mink-grey with a subtly-coloured matching tie and a white shirt. This will help to keep you cool and will also complement a summer wedding by keeping the colors brights,

Personalize The Wedding Ring

There’s a huge amount of fuss made over the bride’s wedding ring, but not so much of the groom’s. Why is this? Well, usually it’s because historically there haven’t been many particularly interesting choices. But thanks to sites like that’s all changed. It’s now possible to get all sorts of different wedding rings, including those with a masculine “camo” style.

Buy A Patterned Bow Tie


If you’re wearing light colors at your wedding, you run the risk of looking a bit washed out, unless you include the right accessories. One great addition that looks both smart and edgy is a bowtie. Patterned, solid color bow ties work really well with light suits, thanks to the contrasting colors. A Bring, navy blue bow tie will stand out really well on a light gray background. You can also add suspenders that match the bowtie as a finishing touch to the outfit, making it look as if you’ve dressed for a special occasion rather than just going out to work.

Get The “Beach” Look

No, we’re not talking about walking around topless and showing off the muscles. We’re talking color. In hot countries, weddings are dominated by people wearing “beachy” colors, especially if they’re spending all day under the hot sun. That means dressing in beiges, whites, and golds to reflect the sun’s rays. Light beige works extremely well, especially if you want to combine a waistcoat with your suit. If you’re not bothering with a jacket, you can roll up the sleeves for a less formal look.

Go Tie-Less

If you’re a relaxed couple, you could try going tie-less. So long as the rest of the suit is adequately tailored, this should look great. Getting rid of the tie focuses attention back on the suit and hopefully, gives people the impression that the groom has class and style. Going without a tie isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it can be done so long as the quality of the suit is high.

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Wear A Vest

Sometimes, wearing a jacket isn’t the best option, especially if you want an outfit that looks a little different to your regular work attire. This is where wearing a vest can make all the difference. Nobody wants to be standing around all day sweating in a suit. But neither do they want to take the suit off and just wear a shirt. A vest is a happy medium – not too hot so as to both you on your big day, but still nice and formal and a little bit different.

On top of that, vests just look cool on summer days. All you need is some flowers pinned to your top left pocket, and you’re ready to go.

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