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How To Give Your Wedding Invites A Personal Touch

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Your wedding is perhaps the most exciting and interesting day of your life, along with perhaps the birth of a child and some key birthdays. So what better way of showing what it means than putting together some invites which include a personal touch?

Enlisting a designer

While it might be a more costly way of creating a memorable invite the consistency and quality will make up for it. Rustic, Hawaiian, vintage, Sci-fi themes – all of these are viable options.

A designer will be able to show previous designs that have worked, and create a template tester. Go armed with a few ideas before making contact.

Make them yourself

Making the cards yourself is a long-term project that can be as complex or minimalist as you like, and allows a little scope to make each individual invite different, if needs be. Buy more card and materials than you need, and don’t clutter the card too much. A small vignette of the happy couple, surrounded by a ‘frame’, is an attractive centerpiece.

Online templates or stores

There are tens of thousands of fonts, images, designs, colours, stencils, emblems and patterns that can be manipulated for your artistic needs. Alternatively online stores such as Photobox will offer designs that can cater for any couple’s personalities.

‘Timelines’ are a particular favourite, showing the schedule of the day in clear and classy fashion and acting as a useful organiser for guests. Some sites even allow you to upload your pre-created design.

Personal messages

If you don’t have the money to splurge on lavish invites – and goodness knows the rest of the day/honeymoon will soon suck cash from your account – then an individual message will cost little in cash but offer much in emotion for the receiver.

A brief note, separate to the card, explaining how much you’d love to see Auntie Betty even though she lives in Florida, and maybe even a photograph of your child or the inviter/invitee together would mean a lot.

Also, don’t be afraid of injecting a little humour into the card, something that very few couples attempt. A recent Chicago invitation went viral when it not only asked attendees to confirm or decline, but select reasons such as “I’m lame. On a scale of one to ten my lameness would be in the 9.5 to 9.8 range,” or “Two words: Free. Booze.”

Make them stand out

Pop up cards or 3D frontages aren’t as tricky as they seem. Ribbons, badges, buttons and stencils can all add an extra dimension to the invite. String and bows can add a visual representation of tying the knot. Branding the envelope with a personal stamp is another option.

Picture it

Here’s a cracking idea for an invite that is both personal and collaborative; create a picture collage of everyone that’s coming to the event (raiding Facebook/Instagram or your own printed archives for the pictures) and use a picture manipulation program to create a mosaic for the front or as an insert.

If you’ve got the time, make all the pics black and white other than the one of the recipient for each individual card, which will stand out in colour.

A caricature of the couple as they might look in their wedding gear would make an amusing and distinctive front picture.


Pinterest is a treasure trove of creative material; CD cases, gift tags, sports event-style posters, and mocked-up newspaper announcements are among the ideas. Time and planning are needed, and if you’re thinking of creating these ideas yourself then it may be worth calling upon artistic friends to add a touch of class to the effect.


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