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Look Fashionable and Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Day Fabulous

In the midst of all the wedding favors, cake decorations, flowers, and confetti, a very important element of any wedding is of course, the bride. The way a bride looks and feels on her wedding day has a profound influence on the day’s ultimate success. If she is radiant from the inside out, everyone else will feel great too.

Before deciding on the type of wedding favors you wish to use, or purchasing table cloths and other décor, it’s best to go ahead and decide on the look you wish to display, starting with the most important part – your dress. Fortunately, there are dozens of flattering styles to choose from. The type of dress you choose should please you first. So be very careful not to allow your friends and family to dictate your choices. Ultimately, you are the one who should love what you will be wearing on your special day. To that end, some brides prefer to go shopping for their dress by themselves, as it can sometimes be a much more peaceful experience, as this allows them to make a more sound decision based on their own personal preference.

Regardless as to whether you prefer sleek and slender, big and fluffy, or unconventional, you’ll find a huge selection of dresses just about everywhere you look. Once you’ve made a decision on the type of dress you wish to purchase, consider your shoes. Keep in mind that if you purchase a long dress, your shoes are not likely to show. However, the last thing you want to do is break the bank when purchasing shoes, so if you don’t have much money to spend in this department, it’s no big deal. However, since it is your big day, allow yourself to splurge if you find “the shoes” of your dreams.

Your next item should be jewelry. White dresses usually go great with silver or gold jewelry that have shimmery diamonds. Unfortunately, not every woman has the money to spend on luxurious diamonds. In that case, there are also pearls, rubies, sapphires, and other stones to choose from. There are also more inexpensive types of jewelry that aren’t necessarily 100 percent “real”, but will still look fabulous nonetheless.

You must also consider your makeup. The makeup you wear can make or break your entire aura. Too much is simply that – too much. Again, this choice is completely up to you, as everyone has varying opinions as to what is over the top and what is not enough. A light and casual look may not be quite enough when you consider the photographs that will be taken. You don’t want to look washed up. On the other hand, a dark, heavy look as though you were going out to a club may not be what you want on your wedding day. Glitter is nice, but be sure to keep it to a minimum, and remember – this is your wedding day, not Halloween. Try to remain within the lines of sophisticated and classy. It’s common for women to believe that they must pile on the lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara on their wedding day because it’s such a huge event, but the truth is that it’s really unnecessary. The dress does all the talking.

Yet another necessary element of your overall look is your hair. This is another area in which you want to make sure that you don’t under or overdo it. Steer clear of any 80’s or punk-rock hairstyles, unless of course, you prefer that sort of look. In relation to a classic, elegant wedding, an up-do is considered ideal. A simple curling iron, a couple of diamond hair pieces and the wedding veil are really all you need. A hairstylist can come in handy when it comes to fixing your hair, but then again, many brides prefer to do it themselves to save money for other things, such as wedding favors, candles, shoes, or whatever else needs to be purchased.

A wedding is a special event for everyone involved, but is especially wonderful for the bride. It is her one and only day to become a true princess. It is a good idea to follow these tips – they will help a bride look fabulous and fashionable on her big day. As long the bride is happy and glowing, everything else will naturally fall into place!


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