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Make Your Wedding Invitations Really Pop With These Easy Steps

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Everyone wants their wedding invitations to stand out.  So how can you make your invitations unique without spending countless hours doing so?  It is easier than you think, by adding a little color and a few small accessories you can really take your invitation to the next level.


Step # 1: Adding Colors

Basic Invite lets you can change the color of every element on any invitation to one of over 160 different colors giving virtually limitless color options.  So there is never a reason to settle for a color theme that isn’t exactly what you want.


Step #2: Accessories


A wedding invitation pocket gives your invitation an elegant and refined look.  The pocket is used to keep all of your enclosure cards neatly displayed while still allowing your guests to see your wedding invitation and all of the important details.


Belly Band

I belly band is a small strip of ribbon or paper that is wrapped around your invitations.  A belly band can be used to keep your invitation set together or to close a pocket.  Either way a belly band adds a little something special to your invitation set.

Logo Squares

A logo square is a small 2”x2” square that usually is found in conjunction with a pocket or belly band.  A logo square is a great place to put a monogram of the bride and groom’s names.  It is something small that can make a big difference to the overall look.


Step #3: Envelopes

Why not have your invitations stand out before they are even opened.  Adding a colored envelope is something that is easy but is often overlooked.  Basic Invite offers over 30 different colors when it comes to envelopes including the latest shimmer finishes.

Basic Invite is a specializes in completely customizable wedding invitations.  With over 200 fully customizable wedding invitation sets you are sure to find the perfect design for your upcoming nuptials.

Article & Photography courtesy of: Basic Invite




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