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Metropolitan Weddings: Caitlyn & Anthony | Portland, OR

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From the Photographer:

Caitlyn and Anthony’s relationship started like something out of a sitcom. Caitlyn stopped at the local restaurant on a Friday night after a long day at work, hoping for a quick Margareta and a bite to eat. Anthony just so happened to be at the same restaurant, but instead of a quick bite, he was waiting for a blind date. Fate just so happened that instead of his date pulling out the bar stool next to him, a sparky burnett named Caitlyn took the empty seat. An instant attraction led to a 4 hour conversation and then a full on relationship.

Caitlyn is a Wedding photographer herself, and to propose, Anthony orchestrated an elaborate plan that puts most men to shame. He contacted Caitlyn a month before as a “potential Wedding client” and after many emails back and forth arranged a meeting. When she showed up for the meeting, instead of a client, one of her friends was there with a clue. That clue led her to another location with another friend, and another clue. Eventually, the clues led back to where her and Anthony originally met, and him waiting with a ring!

Caitlyn and Anthony’s wedding day was a culmination of months of DIY planning, made even more difficult when the couple decided to book a super cute location in Portland, nearly 200 miles from where they live. The venue, Opal 28, spoke to their hearts and was the perfect blend of chic, intimate, and stylish. More than just a venue, the entire bridal party (and one lucky photographer) stayed in the suites on the upper story the entire weekend, making this more of a vacation than a wedding.




Photographer: Patrick Nied Photography

Dress Store: Belle’s Bridal//Hair Stylist: Caprice Hammon Styling//Floral Designer: From The Ground Up Floral//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: H&M//Shoes: Kate Spade//Dress Designer: Maggie Sattaro//Reception Venue: Opal 28//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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