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Metropolitan Weddings: Jordan & Jackson | The Station Event Center, MN

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From the Photographer:

The two meet on the campus of St. Thomas. Jordan was racing over over to her friend’s dorm room to join her study group. In the frantic hustle, she left her phone in her room and upon arriving, she found that the dorm she was trying to enter was locked. Not quite knowing what to do next, she spotted a window near the door. Frantically yelling and trying to get this guy’s attention inside (and failing miserably) she picked up a nearby rock and threw it at his window. This immediately got Jackson’s attention. Thinking someone was trying to break in, he opened the window to find a very embarrassed, but very good looking, girl. Kind-hearted as he was, he let her in. and off to her group she went.  They continued to see each other in passing as the year went on and eventually they ended up in the right place at the right time where Jackson finally asked her on their first date.

They enjoyed riding bikes and flying kites.  When the day came for Jackson to finally propose to his beautiful girlfriend, he knew that kite flying had to be incorporated. Because Jordan is a teacher, he decided to put it in the form of a book with a kite on the cover. It was a perfect March day for kite flying when Jackson nonchalantly asked Jordan if she wanted to go out. They headed to a park where they had been to numerous times before where instead of flying the kite, Jackson took out the book that he made and got down on one knee with the ring in his hand, and the rest is history.

Their November wedding day was a balmy 30 degrees and with a dusting of fresh snow on the ground. The couple chose to incorporate their love of ice cream into their wedding day as well their favorite colors, blue and pink.



Photographer:  Karen Feder Photography

Dress Designer: Allure Bridal//Bridesmaid Dresses: Bari Jay//Bakery:Ben and Jerry’s Catering//Second Shooter:Crystal Headberg Photography//Floral Designer:Custom Floral Designs by Michelle Copeland//Etsy Designer:Endora Jewelry//Dress Designer: Melissa Sweet//Invitation Jewlers//Design and Decor: Muddy Hands//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Savvi Formalwear//Hair Stylist:Stacy Erickson//Reception Venue:The Station Event Center//DJ: The Wedding Collective//Bridesmaid Dresses:The Wedding Shoppe//Dress Store: Wedding Shoppe, Inc.//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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