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Metropolitan Weddings: Kate & Alex | Salt Lake City Public Library, UT

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From the Couple:

How did you and your spouse meet? Kate and I both went to the University of Texas at Austin. Despite the fact that the Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science buildings were right across the street from each other, and we even worked on the same student satellite project (I quit the semester Kate started), it wasn’t until after graduation that we actually met. While in Pasadena on a job hunting trip, Kate and I were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly entered a state of inseparable quantum entanglement.

Was there a decor theme for the ceremony? “Geek chic ­ stars & science”. The view of the mountains at sunset was absolutely stunning. We kept the decor minimal because we felt anything more would have taken away from the natural beauty of the scenery. Silver lanterns with star cutouts and tealights lined the aisle. Two of the groomsmen built and decorated the altar, which was a simple wooden structure on stacks of books that was wrapped in gauzy fabric and lights. Supplies: Rotera lantern from ­ Ikea ($3.99 each). Richland 10 Hour Burn Votive Candles ­ from Amazon ($19.99 for 72) The altar is described in the DIY section. At first, we were worried that using Christmas lights might look cheap, but the wide angle omni­-directional warm ­white LED lights the groomsmen picked out worked great!

What was your color scheme? Our color scheme is based on our vintage astronomy and space race artwork dark blue, silver, and white.

Describe your wedding flowers: I wanted very simple, white, wintery bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids. For the reception, I asked for white flowers to be arranged in three types of vases:1) Beakers 2) Erlenmeyer and boiling flasks 3) Cylinders. I gave the florist photos of the basic style I had in mind for the bouquets and reception flowers just a few days before the wedding, and left the rest up to her. I think she did a great job showcasing the glass labware and selecting flowers that complimented our scientific table decor instead of overshadowing it.

What were some of your diy projects?

  1. Hot chocolate test tubes made by Jane & Andrea (bridesmaid). Supplies (less than $1 per guest): Hot chocolate mix from ­ Costco ($6 for 60 packets). Dehydrated mini marshmallows ­ from Costco. 20 x 150 mm glass test tubes from ­ Ebay ($59.90 for 200).  Size 7 cork stoppers from­ Lake Charles Manufacturing ($21.69 for 150. Don’t underestimate how much work these can be!
  2. Photobooth backdrop & rocketship made by Scott & Jonathan (groomsmen). Supplies: Plywood, blackboard paint, chalk and some artistic friends.
  3. Sleeves for the groomsmen’s gifts made by the couples mothers. Supplies: White dress shirts with French cuffs ­ from Deseret Industries ($7 each). Black grosgrain ribbon from ­ Michael’s ($2 per package). Decorative black bow ties ­ fromMichael’s ($5 per package of 4). Meteorite Cufflinks ­ from Etsy. Time required: 1 hour for all five sleeves. After measuring the height of the whisky bottle, measure the sleeve for the desired height from the cuff down. Cut at the desired length and turn the sleeve inside out and sew the bottom closed. The bottom will look more finished if you box the seam. Turn the sleeve right side out, and press if necessary. Tie the grosgrain ribbon around the sleeve under the cuff and hand stitch the bow tie onto the knot. Insert cufflinks and whisky.

Describe your wedding cake: We had an ice cream sundae bar and cookies instead of cake. We had custom Star Trek action figures made of us through Cubify to be our “cake” toppers.




Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography

Dress Designer:Casablanca Bridal//Caterer: Culinary Crafts//Band: Metro Music Club//Event Venue:Salt Lake City Public Library//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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