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Metropolitan Weddings: Monica & Chris | Columbus, OH

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From the Photographer:

Monica and Chris had their wedding at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo has a few sites for weddings and theirs was on the Boardwalk. Their wedding was April Fools Day, knowing them and their personalities this day was fitting for them! It would either become a giant joke (forgetting their anniversary) or something they would never be able to forget because the day is so original.

When Chris proposed Monica thought he was kidding. They had been talking about it for awhile even joking that he would get her ring from the 75 cent gum ball machines. But when he brought out the ring she was shocked!! Monica loves animals so getting married at the zoo simply made sense.

They decided to have their wedding out on the deck by the water on a pretty cold day in April. Knowing Ohio it was 80 degrees the day before and 30 degrees the day of their wedding. But that didn’t stop them from having a blast anyways. They decided to have a First Look and I almost couldn’t get Monica to head out to see Chris because she saw the Kangaroos right behind her venue!

During the reception they zoo even borough out a kangaroo, lemur, penguin, desert fox, and a cervo cat. The guests got to play with them and the bride and groom especially got so much time with them. We even got a private tour of the aquarium. We got to see a sting ray, a sea turtle, a manatee, and so many awesome fish! The zoo is a fantastic venue and so much fun. They even had little animal center pieces. I love those types of details.

Brett Loves Elle Photography | Columbus Wedding Photographer | | Columbus Zoo Wedding - #‎ShoesAtTheZoo
Brett Loves Elle Photography



Photographer:  Brett Loves Elle Photography

Event Venue:Columbus Zoo


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