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No One “Leaves” These on the Table: Flavorful Favors for Fall!

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The truth? Edible wedding favors aren’t particularly practical unless you believe that satisfying someone’s sweet tooth is an important function in life. Me? I’m a believer! Though practical favors have been trending with brides lately, it’s actually edible favors that have a better chance of being taken home by guests. Did I say “taken home”?

Depending on the favor, many don’t even make it back to the car or hotel room. They’re eaten before guests leave the reception. And if someone does leave an edible favor at the table, you can be sure another guest will snag it on the way out.

So we’ve established that edible wedding favors are a guest favorite. They can also be far more affordable than other favors. Many edibles can be personalized, and your choices go way beyond candy (though candy is always a crowd-pleaser.) If you’re planning an autumn wedding, you’ve got some terrific choices. Let’s take a look!

  • Gourmet Strawberry Jam or Gourmet Honey
  • There’s nothing like a piping-hot breakfast on a cool fall day. Biscuits, bacon, eggs, pancakes—mmmmm! Who wouldn’t love a bit of honey or jam on a biscuit to sweeten up the day? Personalized jars make it yours!
  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • A personalized packet of pure chocolate perfection will surely please the people at your party! If you’re not going to give your guests something to spread on their biscuits, at least give them something they’ll enjoy drinking with their breakfast!
  • Brownie Pops
  • A particular favorite of mine. Look at the beautiful decoration on these babies! If the bride and groom choose these absolutely spectacular favors, I would stay at their wedding reception until the very end so I can go from table to table, grabbing up any pops foolishly left by other guests.
  • Maple Syrup
  • Got pancakes? Need maple syrup! How about maple praline syrup? Your guests will think they hit the jackpot. Yes, the bottles can be personalized and, speaking of bottles, how sweet (literally and figuratively!) is this maple syrup favor in a maple leaf-shaped bottle? Compliments about your wedding will come pouring in!
  • Cookies

Not just cookies—leaf-shaped cookies! Bring the beauty of the season inside and share it. Believe me, no one will mind these autumn leaves scattered across the reception tables. Made with farm-fresh butter and eggs, hand-decorated with royal icing—irresistible! The bride who thanks her guests with this sweet treat is one smart cookie!

  • Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Wands

Just check out the description: Crunchy pretzel sticks are dipped in your choice of chocolate or caramel and decorated with your choice of Belgian chocolate drizzles, milk chocolate sprinkles or English Toffee bits in a variety of delicious combinations. They had me at pretzel. Salty and sweet together? Simply heaven!

For your fall wedding, think outside the favor box when it comes to edible thank-you gifts. Oh, and remember to order a few extra edible favors for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had!

{GB-Guest Blogger} Susan Hawkins is a writer for My Wedding Favors, a leading online site for unique wedding favors, bridal shower favors, edible favors, personalized favors, wedding accessories, bridesmaid gifts, table décor and a library of articles filled with helpful wedding-planning ideas.

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