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Products We Love: ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

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Products We Love: Ecotools Complexion Facial Sponge

PROS: super gentle, removes makeup, makes your face feel CLEAN
CONS: none!

This is BY FAR our favorite product that we received in my VowVoxBox.  It doesn’t appear to be something that would standout at the store to buy.  Maybe that is because of the size it is in the package. But we are glad we got to try it. At first it appears to be too rough for facial skin, especially sensitive skin.  But once you get it wet - the entire sponge transforms a super soft mild exfoliating sponge. Skin is radiant and make-up free. We are now obsessed! A must have tool for your beauty routine.


The new, unique Pure Complexion Facial Sponge is handmade with 100 percent natural ingredients, including Konjac* vegetable fiber, for a better clean that reveals smooth, refreshed skin. It is dermatologist tested for use both morning and night to wash away dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin glowing without over-drying or causing redness.

Get the great Asian beauty secret that beauty editors are raving about.

Simply add water to soften the sponge and use with your favorite facial cleaner. After each use, rinse with water and lay flat to dry. Replace every 1 to 3 months.


 We received this product complimentary from Influenster in our Vow VoxBox.


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