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Purple Passion: DIY Wedding Flowers for under $550

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Be inspired to create your own Purple Passion wedding day flowers!  Using wholesale flowers and spending under $550 here is the DIY shopping list to decorate a wedding for up to 80 guests, bridal party and parents:

  • 8 Centerpieces
  • Bridal bouquet with mad fun asymmetrical style
  • 2 Bridesmaids
  • Groom boutonniere
  • 2 Groomsmen boutonnieres
  • 2 Moms mini bouquets
  • 2 Dads Boutonnieres

The Shopping Cart:
One purple/lavender centerpiece with height texture pack (Includes: 20 stems of Lisianthus, 20 Snapdragons, 20 Larkspur, 20 Stock, 2 bunches of Seeded Eucalyptus, and 2 bunches of Bells of Ireland)  View this pack now

-Qty 80-100 purple freesia (freesia ‘baby’ is the small buds or un-bloomed heads) View this pack now
-Qty 100 purple irises – View this pack now
-Qty 10 bunches (100 stems) alstromeria (Peruvian Lilies) View this pack now

The total cost of your online shopping cart at will be $549.96 and includes free shipping of the flowers from the farm direct to your doorstep.

The Breakdown:

Remember: we can expand or minimize packs depending on preference and number of guests:
8 Centerpieces: In each centerpiece use:

-2 stems larkspur
-8 irises
-8 stems alstromeria (Peruvian Lilies)
-2 Bells of Ireland
-2 stems snapdragons
-seeded eucalyptus

Bonus Materials: Use ‘baby”/immature lisianthus which doesn’t have blooms for filler and “green” texture

Design Tip: Cluster the tall flowers using their natural curve for strong asymmetrical lines and a modern look.

2 Bridesmaids:
-3 irises
-10 freesia, fill with freesia ‘babies’ as desired
-3 lisianthus, immature buds for green texture
-seeded eucalyptus

2 Mothers’ Mini Bouquets:
-2 irises
-8-10 freesias, fill with ‘baby’ green freesias as desired
-seeded eucalyptus

Bridal Bouquet: Strong asymmetrical lines meet soft, romantic, garden-y textures
-10 irises
-14 lisianthus and ‘baby’ green buds as desired
-30 stems freesia and fill with ‘baby’ green freesia (if you have extra, use more here and in the BM/Moms or as a toss)
-3 stems snapdragons (remainders can be put in grooms’ bout if desired)
-3 stems Bells of Ireland (can be cut shorter and used in ‘segments if a rounder bouquet is desired)
-seeded eucalyptus as desired

The following items can be made with ‘extras’ or you could use alstromeria for all of this….you get to be the designer!!!
-Bell of Ireland sprig
-Immature iris as fill, 2-3 freesias, or lisianthus
-Baby freesia, lisianthus, eucalyptus leaf

2 Groomsmen:
-Closed lisianthus head
-Freesia ‘baby’ green as fill,
-eucalyptus leaves

2 Fathers:
-Closed lisianthus head
-Freesia ‘baby’ green for fill
-eucalyptus leaves

And if purple is not your wedding day color, shop online for wedding flowers by color and find your style.  Here’s an example how to convert this package to white or pink:

-For white, substitute white alstromeria, white irises and white freesia.
-For pink, choose 100 pink roses and pink freesia

The team at is here to help you plan your DIY your wedding flowers. Visit us now at


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