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Real Weddings: Lacey & Michael | St. George, Ontario, CAN

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{Featured in Vol. 23}

Photographer: Melissa Avey Photography




We worked very hard make every little detail of our wedding as personal and special as possible. We designed, printed and assembled our own invitations. We designed centerpieces that featured three-foot long stalks of white flowering gladiolas, and called in a family friend to assist with floral arrangements. We built a family-sized photo-booth, complete with vintage dress-up clothes, to get photos of all our guests. My sister hand-painted signs to direct guests to an ice cream trolley, lamb spiedini station, and lawn games during the reception. My father, husband and father-in-law even built and painted a gazebo for the musicians to play from during dinner! My husband’s Aunt & Uncle, who had catered a number of weddings, did an absolutely amazing job with creating the perfect menu, catering our event, and running the wedding on the day of. Our big surprise for the guests was a fireworks display at the end of the night, which really closed the night off in a special way.


My favorite detail at our wedding was the flowers! The flowers that we planted in all the garden beds, the flowers we individually picked for the bouquets, and the flowers we selected for the centerpieces. Coming from a family that is absolutely garden crazy - we went to great lengths to find the perfect shade of Magenta, we needed one that would pop in photographs, and then wound that through all the gardens and the bouquets. We mixed peonies, roses and crisp white gladiolas for arrangements that looked and smelled wonderful!


When we started planning our wedding we knew the first step was to find the perfect tent to hold the reception in, with enough room for about 160 guests. I may have looked at every tent in Southern Ontario. We considered a whole range of styles without finding anything even close to what I pictured. I finally stumbled across the perfect tent on Pinterest, it was called a “sailcloth tent”. It was oval shaped with two tall peaks, with white flags that streamed from the tops. The material was light and translucent and was fairly close to canvas. There was nothing industrial about it - the tent poles were even made to look like stained wood. I found a rental company nearby that had one available and put our deposit on it the next day. It turned out to be the perfect choice for the style of our wedding. It let the light through during the day and looked absolutely magical lit up with white lights at night. For brides planning an outdoor wedding, I’d definitely recommend looking into Sailcloth tents.


The most memorable part of our wedding was, without a doubt, seeing each other that first time as I walked down the aisle. So much of the wedding went by in a blur, but that first look sticks out in my mind as being a moment I’ll never forget. We were thrilled to find out that Melissa, our photographer, perfectly captured both our faces in that moment, and they’re some of my favourite photos from the day.


One piece of advice I would like to pass on to other brides, is to look outside the box when it comes to dressing your wedding party. My very favourite wedding planning task was picking out outfits for the entire bridal party, and finding beautiful, but still affordable outfits was a fun challenge! I found perfect flower-girl dresses at Sears for just $25.00 each and the golden sequins and light material set the tone for the rest of the wedding party. The Bridesmaid dresses came from a Le Chateau outlet store, which meant they were a great deal, and they came in a variety of sizes – so no expensive alterations were needed. Shoes for all the girls were from Walmart and were only about $10.00 per pair and they looked great in pictures! For the guys, we bought nice dress pants at Costco for about $20.00 each, and then just had them rent vests and shirts, which meant they saved a ton on the cost of rentals, and kept the pants. If you outfit your bridal party without buying/renting from a designated “bridal wear” store, you can save quite a bit of money, and wind up with a very unique look!


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