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Resort Weddings: McKenzie & Jonathan | Solitude Mountain Resort, UT

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From the Photographer:

This bride was SUPER DIY! Married by a friend, another friend did her makeup, another friend baked the cake! They hired a venue [that came with a caterer] and a band and that was pretty much it; but I’ll let the bride tell her story… (see below the gallery.)




Photographer: Angela Howard Photography

Dress Designer:Galina Signature//Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew//Band: Metro Music Club//Event Venue: Solitude Mountain Resort//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From the Bride:

Overall, we wanted our day to be super personal – we’re both detail oriented people and wanted nothing to go without thought. What made it so special was the number of people in our lives we were able to pull into the planning and execution of it all. You’ll see woven throughout our story and execution of our wedding the amazing support and love from family and friends alike. Being able to add in the people in our lives into the planning and execution of it all took it to the next level of personal and memorable. We wouldn’t have done it any other way!

How did you and your spouse meet? Ha! Funny story. We met in a bar. But seriously, NO! We went to the same church and had seen each other around. Some mutual friends got engaged and had a surprise engagement party at a bar downtown and that is where the official introduction went down. We became friends and stayed friends for several years before actually dating.Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen? Jon proposed. We were skiing one Saturday afternoon and his parents were in town. I figured they were in town for the ski weekend but really Jon flew them in for popping the big question! We skied with them all morning and Jon and I broke away for some more advanced skiing in the afternoon. On one of my favorite runs, we stopped to take a picture. Before I knew it, Jon had taken off his jacket and was in a suit, on one knee asking me to marry him! I was so surprised and beyond happy to say yes! Our families were waiting to celebrate with us at the base and it was just perfect!

What inspired the wedding day outfits? I LOVE AMERICA. Over the top patriotic. I knew before anything else in the wedding was planned that I wanted red, white, and blue. Combining that with our rustic-mountain-chic-look, the outfits for our guys and girls came together quite nicely. It was fun that Jon had opinions and ideas for the look of his men..

  • Dress designer: GalinaBridal & Shoes: Ivanka Trump RED peep toe heels – When Jon and I were just friends talking about wedding dreams (before ever imagining we’d marry each other!), he told me he always hoped his wife would wear red shoes for the wedding. Then he never mentioned it again! It was such a fun surprise for me to pull of at our first look.
  • Jewelry: I wore a family pearl bracelet to keep it personal, and loved that the earrings were my something borrowed – the same ones my best friend and matron/maid (She didn’t want to be a matron!) of honor wore at her wedding.

First Look before the ceremony? I did NOT want to do a first look. I wanted to be traditional and wait until walking down the aisle for my husband to see his bride. However, Jon wanted to do a first look and several friends convinced us it was the way to go. It really was the only way we were able to get photos with our family and bridal party without taking away from time with the guests we wanted to be with during our celebration. Looking back now, I’m SO GLAD we did it that way. I was a ball of nervous excitement and couldn’t eat before the wedding. As soon as I saw Jon and we had those few minutes together, I had such a sense of peace and calm. I was ready! It also worked out with our crazy day-of schedule so we could relax and have fun for our photos. ( as you can see!)

Was there a decor theme for the ceremony? Rustic-mountain-chic. Jon and I are both big skiers so we knew we wanted a mountain wedding and I always dreamed of a fall wedding. Jon and his best man personally gathered the fall red/orange/and yellow leaves for our aisle and arch.ceremony music: Our bridal party walked to Pride & Prejudice “Dawn”. It was BEAUTIFUL for getting things started. I walked down the aisle to “Down to the River to Pray”, a song we both loved from early on in our dating..

The Reception: Rustic mountain-chic with a touch of Americana. Not as easy theme!! We focused on simple details and subtle colors red white and blue woven throughout. Where did you get the inspiration for your color palette and design? With both of us being skiers, we knew we wanted a mountain wedding and I knew my colors had to be red, white, and blue. Incorporating those themes into a fall wedding was a little tricky but we figured if we kept it simple and true to our taste and style, we’d be ok. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by all the ideas on blogs and pinterest, so we tried to filter through and keep it realistic and truly “us”.

Were there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? Our “Spread the Love” Jam jar favors were DIY. An old family recipe, Jon’s mom made 150 jars of jam with love as our gifts to guests. We still have people texting and emailing us asking for the recipe and sending pictures of their empty jars! The arch we were married under was another DIY. Jon and my dad built it together which was so symbolic for me. Both of them are pretty handy but I love that they built it together from a picture I found. They gathered the wood locally and I think it’s a rustic, family-made masterpiece! Jon also made all the wooden boxes for our centerpieces. A nice rustic touch!

Cake Designer: A friend who also is gluten free and an amazing baker herself! Describe your wedding cake: We asked Hailey to make us a small cake that we could cut into for the reception knowing we’d have plated desserts from Solitude for our guests. Since I have celiac disease and am gluten free, we figured we’d keep the gluten free cake small and do separate cobblers for our guests. When we got our cake it was much bigger than we expected and AMAZING!! We haven’t been able to keep it in the freezer because we just keep eating it.

Caterer: Solitude Mountain Resort catered the event. Arugula Salad with beets and heirloom tomatoes. Main course had Angus hanger steak au jus and chicken hash with fire roasted corn, mascarpone fondue sauce, sun gold tomato, and lemon thyme. Whipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Dessert was tiramisu and fruit cobbler with brown sugar crumble.

What is your very best advice to other brides? Pay attention to your emotional energy and put it on what REALLY matters. No need to be a bridezilla.. seriously. Respect the people who want to help you and support you in this time. Don’t snap when something isn’t EXACTLY what you envisioned. What family, cultural, ethnic, or other traditions did you follow? We had a pretty traditional Christian wedding and prayed as a group before we began. It was a nice way to get connected before the main event. Other than that we did the traditional toasts, cake cutting, first dance, and glass clinking for kisses. It was a blast.

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