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Say “I Do” With A Decade That Fits You

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Do the 1950s make you want to shake your poodle skirt? Do the ’80s make you feel like a rockstar? Embrace your favorite decade with a huge party in its honor - well, in your honor, too. Make your wedding a salute to the best years in history! Whether you naturally pull off a ’60s beehive, or you can’t live without grunge makeup, there are endless ways to make a time period be the perfect wedding theme.


The 1940s provided us with serious American military glitz and glam, a look that’s been replicated in movies countless times over. If you want to go total ’40s vibe, make sure to get a dress that’s fitted in the center, has lace, and perhaps isn’t white. The ’40s is when pastels shone, so if you want to wear an excuse to wear a blush toned dress, this could be the perfect decade for you. A knee length bell skirt is great for this time period, one that you can dance to jazz all night in. Whether your hair is short or long, be sure to curl whatever you’ve got, and pin them down for a classic look. Make sure pastel tones make an appearance at this soirée, as your guests will be expecting it. Even if you have a blush colored gown, make sure your bridesmaids pop in light yellow, green, purple or blue (which all compliment blush quite nicely). Light flowers and baubles make perfect decorations for this whimsical day with you and your dreamboat spouse-to-be.

A hoop skirt coupled with big hair is perfect for a 1950s focused wedding. Photo by Adam Piggott via Flickr.


Similar to the ’40s, the 1950s is the perfect time period for you if you want the class of older times mixed with richer colors and lively music. Makes sure you and your bridesmaid’s dresses have a hoop skirt or a loose laying poodle-like skirt, built for the dance floor. Pearls make the perfect accessory (and can be affordable at most accessory shops) and so do loose flowy curls. Make sure your guy is rocking a deep black suit to perfectly compliment your white dress (overrun with accessories, of course). Rent a jukebox to really get the reception going, and make sure its jam-packed with a lot of Elvis Presley and all of your favorite songs (feel free to still have a live band or dj if you want to incorporate any modern songs). If you’re ready to boogy on your big day, this decade is right up your alley.


Like class with edge? The 1960s are mesmerizing in many ways, include tons of bold pops of color and let you really express yourself. You can go loose or fitted dress, and will look like a 60s queen in cream or off white. Take this opportunity to let your husband-to-be rock his style, too, in a dark gray, navy, or brown tux. Big hair is key - and a plastic or wire headband is the perfect accessory for your picturesque high-volume do. Color is key in this decade, for all parties involved. Decorate with blocks of color, in big bold patterns.

Long, flowing skirts and bright colors are essential in the 1970s decade style. Photo by Classic Film via Flickr.


Let your hippie side show with this totally classic theme. Though hippie chic is totally in style right now, go for a more true 1970s flower child. You can go for A loose fitting A-line in eggshell or full white would serve well. Let your hair down - literally. Loose hanging natural waves are ideal for capturing this signature look. A flower headband or ribbon is the perfect final touch. Get some early ’70s rock for early in the evening to get guests on the dance floor, as well as ’70s melancholy music to just chill out to at the end of the reception. This decade is a good opportunity to have mismatched bridesmaid dresses, as it amplifies the laid back atmosphere. Whether all different colors, different styles, or both, take this opportunity to be different with your wedding party.


For the totally awesome rocker in you, the ’80s decade is the perfect focus for your big day. Weddings put you and your future spouse on a stage of sorts, so enter your wedding as the star you are. Deep blacks for your wedding party and silver accessories for the bride will make you shine. Be sure to have a live band (and make an appearance or two yourself!). If you’re feeling really bold, you could use small spikes in your decor, leather wrapping around your bouquets, and arrive at the reception on a motorcycle. Photo booths are awesome for all wedding receptions, but essential for ’80s-centered ones. Have a photographer use a Polaroid camera, so your guests can take home a signed photo of you and your new husband.


A classic look for 1990s bridesmaids. Photo by Family Partington via Flickr.


Total ’90s themes are out of this world awesome. What’s the best thing about the ’90s is that you can go with either bright colors (think parachute pants and track suits), or pastel colors (like above). Either way, the 1990s takes the ’80s and turns it into serious classed up glamour. ’90s looks enhance fancy free, flowing hair and clothes. Be sure to let natural hair be the centerpieces of the ensembles, and use pearls as main accessories. Bows are also amazing additions, to dresses, centerpieces, hair, and decorations. Be your girly self in this decade theme!

Of course, present day fashion is always a great way to go, but if a decade inspires you, go with it for your big day!

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