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Sweet Treats: Cake Pop Wedding Cake

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cake pop cake

Here is a unique way to display your cake pops. Make a cake pop wedding cake out of them. This is a gorgeous and elegant.  We love the way they used and arranged the pastel colors. It just screams spring.  Endless possibilities.

cake pop cake 2

We featured this lovely cake on our cover and inside our DIY Weddings Magazine’s Vol. 11 issue.

Cake Ball Cakes: Brew Ha Ha – Gabby Loubiere
Photography: Ashleigh Jayne



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  • I always eat cake at weddings!

    Fondant isn't that tasty – it's just kind of bland, but it's applied over a layer of frosting (usually buttercream), so if you don't like the flavor of fondant you can just peel it off your slice and eat the cake with its frosting.

    I like chocolate frosting on marble cake, but you could do something like strawberry, raspberry, or peanut butter if you want a different flavor.

    Many people choose to skip the fondant and just do a beautiful layer of frosting. It's not *as* smooth as fondant but it still looks lovely.

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