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{Sweet Treats} Nature Theme Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

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{Sweet Treats} Nature Theme Wedding Cake & Cupcakes - get inspired at{Sweet Treats} Nature Theme Wedding Cake & Cupcakes - get inspired at

Look at this beauty from Bella’s Dessert. Lauren tell us that this cake topper is a duplicate of the brides wedding invitation.  An up and coming trend is to use an element or a color from your invites and then incorporate them into the design of your wedding cake and cupcakes.  This is also popular for bridal shower cakes.  See more of Bella’s Desserts here.

Photography courtesy: Bella’s Desserts


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  • Here's the thing–if you've never used fondant, don't make your first time working with it on your wedding cake. Fondant can be tricky to work with if you don't know to use it because it can tear and pull and if it's too thick, it's not good at all. Fondant is used in many cakes to give it more of a clean finish which is why you see a lot of wedding cakes done in fondant and highly stylized cakes.

    What you can also do to impress is to actually ice your cake in buttercream and use fondant to decorate. What's great about fondant (and gumpaste) is that it can be used to make the decorations that you put on a cake, so you can cut out and mold it and shape it to just about anything you want to enhance a cake that's not covered completely in it.

    I am not a fan of the flavor of fondant and don't really care if it's marshmallow or flavored. It's completely made out of sugar and is a bit gummy when eaten, which is why many remove it when they eat cake.

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