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Things To Consider While Selecting Wedding Catering Halls


Posted by Kym

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Things to Consider While Selecting Wedding Catering Halls

With such a huge number of catering halls at your proximity, selection of the best becomes a daunting task. Several questions encircle our mind at the time of selection. The most important among these is: How to select the best catering hall?

The arrangements for any party and especially for the wedding usher with tons of considerations to make a grand celebration. As we know the selection of a quality catering hall incorporates numerous considerations which ultimately formulates that everything stands in place. To simplify your search for a quality catering hall, I am putting forward nine things to remember while selecting a catering hall for wedding.

Basic Consideration

Before starting the search, consider the basics:
What kind of an ambiance are you looking for?

Booking a catering hall counts on what type of atmosphere you are looking for. When it comes to personal events like wedding receptions and anniversary parties, we look for a more relaxed atmosphere. The type of ambiance, determine spectrum like decoration, food and lighting.

What would be the expected volume of the guest for the party?

Comfort of the guest is the foremost necessity. Therefore, select a catering hall that suits you and accommodates the total number of guests in the party, as a compact hall will undoubtedly leave your guest feeling uncomfortable. It is better to settle with a larger banquet hall, Long Island catering halls have spacious halls that give an amiable ambiance.

Chief Considerations

Before picking a venue, assure yourself that your coordinator is supplying everything you require to avoid last-minute commotion. Majority of the catering halls offer promises of catering and decoration services for their clients. Some particular things you should consider while selecting a catering hall must be:

  • Book a single service provider. A catering hall providing all the services will be the best for this. Booking all your services through one provider makes it much easier to coordinate and assure the level of quality.
  • Look for the available food style (Buffet, cocktail, formal style, etc.) one which suits you. Be prepared to accommodate guests with specific dietary restrictions. Catering halls on Long Island serve a number of remarkable food styles to suit your taste buds.
  • Certain catering halls give you a chance to taste sample dishes before fixing the final menu. In case the in-house caterers are unable to meet these requirements, consider an outside service.
  • Check for the available bar service (full open bar caters only certain drinks or cash bar) whichever you like
  • Moreover, keep in mind that waiters and bartenders are an important requirement for any party. Therefore, inquire about the availability and cost of the required staff.
  • The services should be inclusive of sound systems, tables and chairs, microphones and various A/V equipment. Decorations and lighting are among the mandatory items to make the party a success, so don’t miss it.
  • Every state has up-to-date food safety laws and a good caterer complies with it. Have a look at what your state’s food and drug administration has to say about it. Finally, check that your selected catering hall abides by the rules, to ensure that the served food is secure.
  • Selecting a good catering hall for your gathering does require a lot of handwork. Planning out your considerations and working on it in the right way is sufficient to ensure that your wedding party goes off without a hitch.


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