Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Centerpieces

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wedding centerpiece ideas

When it comes to getting the look and feel of your wedding right, attention to detail is essential. If you want to create a fantastic theme and ambience, you need to think about the little things.

Today, we are looking at how to design the ideal centerpieces for your wedding reception. They are an important element of your wedding reception decorations.

Bear in mind that your guests will be at the table for a long time, so you want to create a pleasant place for them to sit. Also, bear in mind that you will see the tables in many of the reception photos. Therefore, you want them to look good.

Use your wedding dress and bouquet for inspiration

The chances are you have already chosen your wedding dress. It is the first thing most brides do. No doubt, you have also chosen the type of flowers you want used in your bouquet.

The style and color of your dress and flowers can be good sources of inspiration for your reception decorations. Incorporating some of the fabrics and colors that will be used in your gown into your centerpieces is a design trick that works particularly well.

This year, you will find beautiful pastel colored wedding dresses in Leeds and other city based boutiques. These soft, light colors are just what you need to produce centerpieces that are classy, easy on the eye and beautiful. Using some of the flowers you are planning to have in your bouquet as part of your table decorations is another idea that works well.

Reflect the shape of your tables

If you are planning to sit your guests around a round table, using a circular design for your centerpieces is a good idea. If you are using rectangular tables, straight-sided table decorations will work best. Mirroring the shape of the table in your centerpieces creates balance and symmetry.

Watch the height

When designing your own table decorations it is all too easy to get carried away. If you are not careful, you can end up with a centerpiece that looks impressive, but is too big. You need to make sure there is enough space left for the plates, glasses, serving platters and cutlery.

It is also important to ensure that the centerpiece is not too high. You want people to be able to see each other. This enables them to talk freely and enjoy each others company.

Make a mock up

Once you have settled on a design make up a test piece. Set it up on a table that is a similar size and height to the ones you will be using for your reception.

Photograph the centerpiece from different angles. Then view it from various seats around the table. Doing this will help you to assess how good your design is and make sure it will look good in the photos and not obscure any guests’ view.

Making up a test piece in advance will also help you to understand how much your centerpieces will cost. It also allows you to practice making them, and work out how long each one will take to create.

If you want more table decoration design tips, this article is a good place to find them.


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