Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas: Naked! Cake Grocery Store Makeover

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Birthday-Dinner20141010-6Materials Needed:

  • Chocolate cake with white icing
  • Spatula
  • Wax paper
  • Flowers



  1. Working in layers so you don’t end up digging into the cake, start to remove white icing from side of cake.Birthday-Dinner20141010-8
  2. Move to the top and remove excess icing but leaving a bit more icing on the top then on the sides.Birthday-Dinner20141010-9
  3. Cut and add wax paper where you are going to place *flowers.

*As with any flowers, you should check first to see if they are poisonous. Adding flowers to cake is always risky, so I would check with your local baker.  Make sure you put all flowers on wax paper.

Source: Lemon Thistle

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