Wedding Dessert Ideas

Wedding Dessert Ideas: Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake

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sharkey oreo cake

This is a fun and creative idea for a wedding cake.  You could actually make smaller versions of these Oreo cookie wedding cakes displays as centerpieces for your guest tables.  Also a great addition to any milk and cookie bar.  So simple and affordable.

Source: Oreo “Cake” created by Kevin Sharkey


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  • This is a great idea! A chocolate fountain would be a nice alternative to a traditional cake. The presentation can be as simple or as grand as you'd like. Chocolate for fountains comes in different colors… regular brown, white, or even pink. Guest can dip marshmallows, cookies, or fruit under the fountain. If you used some of the less expensive fountains available, you could have fountain stations set up around the hall.

    I've also heard of people stacking different kinds of pastries (like donuts) to take the place of the cake. That way, everyone gets their own serving, and you can still play all the wedding cake "games" at the wedding if you're so inclined.

  • OMG – I was looking for something unique but not a wedding cake. Something that our guest would love and talk about – this is it! Serving with milk shots!!

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