Where To Start With Your DIY Wedding


Pinterest Helps Spark Bridal Creativity

With the touch of a button, your bridal fantasies come to life on Pinterest. Photos of interesting fabrics, exotic textures, beautiful colors and fresh flowers stay neat, organized and viral. Anyone can access your fantasy wedding ideas before you exchange your vows – and you can access other wedding boards on Pinterest to get ideas you never even dreamed of.

Pinterest has not only revolutionized wedding planning; it also offers great DIY ideas for personalized bridesmaids’ gifts. Your special girlfriends deserve a gift that highlights their value and importance to you, such as one of the following five trendy gifts found on the site.

DIY Bridal Jewelry Set

Jewelry is an important part of every wedding, and bridesmaids will appreciate a handmade jewelry set. Start by assembling a pretty pouch from sensational fabrics. Then insert handmade earrings or an inexpensive necklace your bridesmaids will wear even after the wedding. Jewelry making doesn’t have to be difficult. With a simple and inexpensive kit from a craft store, personalized jewelry is easier than ever. If you’re especially crafty, consider using household tools to make an earring holder that you can present instead of the pouch.

Bridesmaid Wanted

Ask your friends to be part of your bridal party with this DIY gift. On tan scrapbooking paper, print a simple “wanted” poster like ones you’ve seen in old westerns. Feature a photo of your friend and playfully invite her to stand with you on your wedding day. Roll the wanted poster into a scroll and secure it to your friend’s favorite bottle of spirits or perfume for a unique bridesmaid invitation.

Glitter Glasses

Your bridesmaids want to celebrate with you, so give them a beautiful beverage holder to commemorate your wedding that will help them celebrate throughout the reception. Apply glitter paint to a champagne or wine glass. Use colors that match your wedding palette. As an added bonus, these glasses are dishwasher safe after they are cured in the oven. Your bridesmaids will love this special memento they can use during the bridal shower party and for years to come as they celebrate the friendship you share.

Bridesmaid Kits

Every bridesmaid needs hand lotion, a bottle of water and tissues. Offer these items to your bridesmaids in a handmade pouch. From a tweed jacket, assemble a zippered pouch to hold gifts your bridesmaids will use and love. Even if you haven’t sewn before, this easy step-by-step pattern will create the perfect pouch for a vintage-themed wedding.

Bridesmaid Clutch

For a gift your friends can use on your wedding day and at other dressy events, craft matching clutches that require no sewing. Choose a simple, inexpensive clutch and add a handmade flower embellishment. Simply assemble 16 two-inch circles in a circular pattern to create the flower. Tack it to the handbag or use glue to attach it permanently. Your bridesmaids now have an attractive clutch that goes from bridal shower to wedding dinner with ease – plus, because you made it yourself, it will match your décor perfectly.

Your bridesmaids play a major role in making your wedding day special. With the help of Pinterest, you can find the perfect gift idea to say thank the important women in your life. Take a few minutes to flip through the wedding boards on Pinterest and you’ll surely find exactly what you’re looking for.

About the Author: Maire loves to craft. She finds many of her ideas on Pinterest and writes about her experiences on her personal blog. When she isn’t writing on behalf of Sears and other products she loves, she is busy planning family weddings. To date, she has been in every one of her cousins’ weddings.